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Termite Treatment Solutions When it comes to termite treatment, there’s a lot of different advice out there. One termite controller may recommend one course of termite treatment while another might make an entirely different suggestion. Treatments depend on building design and where the termites are entering the building whether baiting and monitoring treatments are used…
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As a home owner, you can discourage and even prevent termites in your home ! Follow these termite prevention tips.We recommend removing all loose timbers stored in contact with the ground in the subfloor and around the external of the home as they are conducive to termite activity. We recommend to remove and/or replace landscaping timbers and timber…
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Q? CAN I KILL TERMITES WITH TREATMENTS SUCH AS FLYSPRAY? A. No, it is important not to disturb termites where they are active. Disturbing termites makes it more difficult to treat professionally. Q? HOW MUCH DAMAGE CAN TERMITES DO? A. lf left untreated termites have the potential to effectively destroy the structural integrity of a home.More commonly, they may…
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