Ants and Ant Control Treatments

A common black

A common black ant

Ants are probably considered as the most annoying and unsightly common household pest , which is why Ant Control Treatments are essential. There are over 3000 species of ants in Australia some of which bite and others that are just a plain old nuisance. They tend to trail along skirting boards, bench tops, floor corners, windows, balconies, footpaths, driveways, letterboxes and anywhere there is an easily accessible food source.



Ant Control Treatment

Our Pest Control technicians thoroughly inspect the property before undertaking an Ant Control Treatment to ensure effective results. Generally the Ant Control Treatment consists of applying an Ant bait gel, liquid sprays and insecticidal dusts. The Ant bait gel is applied to areas where Ants are know to be and along Ant trails. The Ants feed on the bait and take it back to and kill off the nest. The liquid spray is applied to all external entry points, around doors and windows and along internal floor corners. The insecticidal dust is applied to the roof void and cracks and crevices where Ants are known to be.

A Few Little Tips
A common query from our valued clients is ‘how to get rid of Ants’ or ‘how to kill Ants’. Below are some things that you can do to help with Ant Control in your home before we carry out an Ant Control Treatment:

  • Clean-up straight after handling food
  • Wipe down bench tops and wash used utensils and dishes at the end of each night
  • Keep bins sealed where possible and empty each night
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Reduce the availability of water where possible
  • Keep stored foods in air tight containers
  • Where possible, seal cracks and crevices that may be possible entry points
  • Keep stored food off of the floor
  • Regularly clean those ‘hard to reach’ places
  • Don’t forgot to wash and put away pet’s food bowls

Let us Help with an Ant Control Treatment!

If you’re having an issue with some unwanted guests in your home and would like an Ant Control Treatment, Call Us Now and speak to one of our friendly staff - 0488 11 20 40

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