Professional termite inspection and treatment solutions

With a strong track record of satisfied customers, Termite Technology is the ideal team equipped with the expertise to identify and solve your termite concerns. We have many years of local knowledge within Whittlesea and surrounding suburbs and bring peace of mind to even the most complex situations.

Queen Termite
Queen Termite

The highest priority with Termite Technology is SAFETY TO YOU And The ENVIRONMENT. We believe that it’s possible to provide a sound and thorough service that doesn’t put your family, pets & the environment at risk. Our experience and training ensures that our methods are the safest and most stringently abided by possible.

Termite on decomposing wood
Termite on decomposing wood
 The control of termites and the development of Integrated Termite Management Systems are key objectives  to our Pest Management Division. Termite Technology uses the most modern and up to date methods to control and eliminate termite colonies, eliminating the potential for future damage to your property.

Should your existing home require a termite treatment or you have decided that it requires a preventative termite management system, Termite Technology can assist you by providing you with all the various options available.

We provide a free on site assessment of your property. We will come to your home at a mutually convenient time & provide you with a range of options to suit your home.


Close up termites or white ants
Close up termites or white ants

Termites (commonly known as white ants) are one of the most destructive pests in Australia. They cause millions of dollars damage to homes and structures throughout Melbourne and Victoria every year. According to CSIRO 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites within the economic life of the structure. Termites are found in Melbourne and throughout all of Victoria, all too often, the presence of these home invaders goes undetected until damage is discovered by chance.This damage is not covered by insurance companies.

Signs of termite activity in and around your home

Keeping your home safe from the dangers of termites or other pests is imperative in securing the foundations of your structure. Thankfully, there are key signs you can look out for. The three most common signs that you have a termite problem are:

Wood damage, weakening or sagging

When it comes to termites, the first thing should look for is damaged wood. Termites burrow into wood in a honeycomb pattern without ever coming to the surface. This makes it hard to detect an infestation visually, but it significantly weakens the wood. While termites can attack various points, they’ll typically start at the bottom, so be sure to check the foundations of your home first.

Termite damaged timber
Mud like tubes of tunnels

When termites find it too difficult to burrow through a certain object, they will create mud tunnels as a means of protecting themselves from external dangers like weather and predators. Termites build mud tubes made of mud, dirt, and saliva to and from a source of food. Mud or dirt appearing in gaps around door jambs or skirtings is often termite/white ant mudding and is associated with their activity, however often there is no detectable damage in the timbers. Damage to stored items like boxes of papers or books stored in sub-floor or storage areas are attacked by termites/white ants. Not only is timber a food source for termites but paper and any cellulose material is highly desirable to them as well.

Swarmers & Discarded Wings

When termites are active in or around your home, you’ll could see swarms of them usually on window sills or near lights inside your home. A “swarm” is a group of adult male and female reproductives that leave their nest to establish a new termite colony. Swarmers are usually found during a warm day commonly after recent rain. Swarmers found outside near sources of wood does not necessarily meant your home is infested. Finding swarmers inside your home is more serious and could indicate and infestation of you home.

Termite Wings and Frass

Termite swarmers tend to lose their wings as part of their swarming activity, this provides homeowners with a way of knowing that they’re around even if they have not seen them. Termite wings look little wings look like fish scales and are usually piled together like termite frass. The location of Termite wings and frass does not directly indicate your home is infested, but is an indication that they could be very close and your home could be a future target.

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