Recommended preparation work to be done before treatment is applied

Pest Control

Internal Areas

  • Open all blinds and window furnishings and have window sills cleared.
  • Clear kitchen benches of appliances, crockery etc.
  • Move furnishings from skirting boards were practical, including kids toys in bedrooms.
  • Remove items from under beds.
  • Remove items from bottom of wardrobes were practical.
  • Inform technician of any internal reptile or fish tanks.

External Areas

  • Isolate kid’s toys, sports equipment in an area away from the building perimeter (middle of lawn)
  • Remove any cloths from cloths lines.
  • Remove any pet bowls and toys.
  • Remove cars from garage areas.
  • Inform technician of any pet and animal enclosures including fish ponds and vegetable gardens.

All preparation work will ensure a safe and effective treatment.

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