Prevention Tips

As a home owner, you can discourage and even prevent termites in your home! Follow these termite prevention tips.

We recommend removing all loose timbers stored in contact with the ground in the subfloor and around the external of the home as they are conducive to termite activity.

  • We recommend to remove and/or replace landscaping timbers and timber retaining walls with a non-susceptible material, as it is conducive to termite attack.
  • We recommend keeping garden beds below the weep holes and l or vents in the external walls as it allows concealed termite entry.
  • We recommend you ensure that your vents are clear to allow cross flow ventilation under the home as poor ventilation creates conducive conditions for termite attack.
  • Timbers in ground contact can provide concealed access for termite activity, we recommend for the timber to either be removed, or for the timbers to be raised on metal stirrups.
  • Termites are attracted to moisture, so fix any leaking water pipes, drains, showers, and sinks as soon as possible.
  • lf you have a water tank we recommend for the water tank overflow to be plumbed to storm water as excessive moisture promotes termite attack
  • Most hot water services have a relief valve and normally this drains against the home, we recommend for the hot water service overflow to be plumbed to a drain or away from the home as excessive moisture promotes termite attack
  • Regular termite inspections by an experienced and accredited termite inspector is recommended.
  • An inspection of the property should be carried out every 6-12 months. Regular inspections don't stop termite attack but they limit the amount of damage caused before being detected.