Any Cockroaches that have established themselves in your property is regarded as a pest. If you have an issue with these unwanted guests, you should consider a Cockroach Pest Control Treatment. The main reasons Cockroaches are considered as pests are there way of causing contamination, annoyance, odors, damage, allergic reactions, the ability to carry diseases, and in rare cases, bites.


Cockroaches can contaminate various surfaces, foods and utensils with cast skins, vomit marks, empty egg cases, droppings and dead carcasses.


Cockroaches are also well-known for causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage to electrical appliances through the home. They can cause damage to the electrical components of the appliance which usually brings costly repair bills.


Most people highly dislike or a scared of the sight of a Cockroach. This is usually related to the old saying, ‘Where there is one, there are many more hiding.’ People generally also dislike their ‘creepy crawly’ legs and fast, unpredictable movements.

Allergic reactions

There have been cases where people have had allergic reactions to Cockroaches. The reactions range from skin allergies to asthma attacks. This can be caused by inhaling their faeces that are a part of house hold dusts or by ingesting foods that are contaminated with faeces or cast skins.


When a property has a large Cockroach infestation it can sometimes cause an unpleasant odour. This is usually caused by secretions from the mouth and cuticle.

Cockroach Bites

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Cockroach Pest Control Treatments

Our Pest Control technician’s conduct very thorough Cockroach Pest Control Treatments. The Treatment includes using liquid spray’s, baiting gels and insecticidal dusts. It is applied to all external entry points covering the weep holes, around doors and windows and any other cracks or crevices we may find. We also treat the internal floor corners, the roof void and underneath electrical appliances. We apply a baiting gel in the cupboards in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry to avoid having to remove all stored items. Combining all these methods together ensure for a very effective Cockroach Pest Control Treatment at your property.

We provide warranties on all of our Cockroach Treatments. We work with you to ensure the treatment is effective and to ensure the safety and well-being of your family and pets.

The most common cockroach species encountered in Melbourne are;

American (Periplaneta Americana spp.)

Australian (Periplaneta Australasiae spp.)

German (Blattella Germanica spp.)

Oriental (Blatta Orientalis spp.)

Smoky brown (Periplaneta Fuliginosa spp.)

Brown Banded (Supella Longipalpa spp.)

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

(A common query from clients is ‘How to Get Rid of Cockroaches’ or ‘How to Kill Cockroaches‘. Below are some things that you can do to help with Cockroach Pest Control in your home before we carry out a Cockroach Treatment:)




Clean-up straight after handling foodWipe down bench tops and wash used utensils and dishes at the end of each nightKeep bins sealed where possible and empty each nightVacuum regularlyReduce the availability of water where possibleKeep stored foods in air tight containersWhere possible, seal cracks and crevices that may harbour cockroachesKeep stored food off of the floorRegularly clean those ‘hard to reach’ placesDon’t forgot to wash and put away pet’s food bowls

Let us Help with a Cockroach Pest Control Treatment!

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