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Rat and Mouse (Rodent) Control

ratRats and Mice (also known as Rodents) in and around homes and buildings is highly regarded as undesirable. They can cause physical damage, food spoilage and contamination and pass on diseases to humans. Rats and Mice are generally found in roof voids, wall cavities, and subfloors, underneath furniture and in gardens.



Detection of Rodents

Rodents leave behind a few tell tail signs of their whereabouts. If you have seen or noticed any of the follow, it is strongly recommended to employ some type of Rodent Control.

House mouse eating piece of cheese (Mus musculus)

House mouse eating piece of cheese (Mus musculus)

Gnawings Picture of Rat and Mouse
Tracks and Trails
Urine Stains
Disappearance or to damage of foods
Bumping, squeaking, gnawing, scratching sounds
Visual sightings
Excitement of pets



Rodent Control

When conducting a Rodent Control job our Pest Control technicians first carry out a site inspection to look for evidence of present Rodent activity. After discovering entry points and harbourage areas, lockable baiting stations are placed around these areas. We use lockable stations to avoid children and animals accessing the poisonous bait inside. The Rodents will then stumble upon and feed on the baits inside. Once found, the Rodents will feed on the bait multiple times and usually die within 4-10 days and generally away from the house.

A Few Little Rodent Tips
A common query from clients is how to get rid of Rats and Mice. Below are some things that you can do to help with Rodent Control in your home before we carry out a Rodent Treatment:

  • Clean-up straight after handling food
  • Wipe down bench tops and wash used utensils and dishes at the end of each night
  • Keep bins sealed where possible and empty each night
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Reduce the availability of water where possible
  • Keep stored foods and air tight containers
  • Where possible, seal cracks and crevices that may be possible entry points
  • Keep stored food off of the floor
  • Regularly clean those ‘hard to reach’ places
  • Don’t forgot to wash and put away pet’s food bowls

Let us Help with a Rodent Treatment!

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